Please pray for upcoming trip (March and April 2010)

UPCOMING TRIP: Next week, together with few of my friends, we will travel to Chin State to lay milestone for my father who had gone to be with the Lord in 2005 and to teach the word of God at several villages. We will return at the end of the month.
In April, the 4th of April, we will travel to Kaya State. I will be teaching on Leadership to more than 60 church leaders. My friend Joshua, Samuel, Habakkuk and Elisha will be teaching young men and children on Salvation and Christian life…holiness and forgiveness. This meeting will be until 12th of April or until 17th of April, 2010. Our host will be National Christians Church. Please continue to pray for us we partner with key leaders that are sound in teaching and teachable in spirit and committed to church planting and the leading of the Spirit through the word of God. Thank you so much in advance for your prayer for this upcoming trips.

Blanket we bought for widows.

May I please remind and request again to pray for our upcoming trip. The place we are going to is called Paletwa area and is located in Southern Chin State, west of Myanmar. The current situation there is that Rats are causing great famine since last year and that famine is still taking place even today. We sent already some relief work and support for four villages last year. This time, we bought 40 blankets to be distributed to widows and
elderly men.

There are no vegetables in this area and it will be really hard for us to eat their foods for a month. Plus, malaria is the common disease in
this area. We already have taken preventive medication. We will be walking real hard on those hilly and steep and small paths. Please do
pray for our health and teachings as well.

Due to some health’s problems, two are our team members are unable to join us. But I will be accompanied by 11 peoples (students and teacher) which mean we are 12 people in number. We leave for this trip on the 5th of February and God willing we will return on 28th of February or early in March. Please do pray for our teaching.  After this trip is over, we still have other upcoming trip in March and April and May. My wife, friends, and I would like to say thank you for your prayer and supports which keep stay on the course that our God has given us.

PS: Picture contains Habakkuk and our Pastor S.K Lian and 40 blankets we bought for widows and elderly people in the remote area.

Sincerely in Christ,
Philip & Dante
Active In Missions Today


Yangon Grace Bible School has been reopened
the 1st of June 2009.

Please follow this link for more information about our training school

Upcoming Mission Trip
August 24-33,2009

On the 24th of this month, we will depart for Mindat township located in Southern Chin State. I will be accompanied by two of my friends and two of the students from YGBS. The purpose is to equip more than 40 pastors. These pastors are from various denominations such as Methodist, Presbyterians and other independent churches. Principle of Bible Study and servant-leadership will be taught to these pastors. In the beginning of the month of August, the Lord blessed my family with finance and that’s how He provided for this mission trip. The expenses is about 750 $ to 800 $.

Since our life is our leadership and service, please pray that our lives reflect our teachings and commitment to stand alongside pastors in order to reach the people in far villages before our Lord returns.

I do covet your prayer for our health. This place is very hard to travel and it is known well for disease known as malaria.

Please pray for the teachings as well. The teaching will begin on the 27th and it will continue until 30th of August. Total of four days of teaching will be provided to these pastors.

 Thank you all of you for standing alongside me in the ministry. It is such a joy to have friends, brothers like you who stand in support of our ministry. It is through you that I am able to keep the work He entrusted to me.

Sincerely in Christ,
Philip & Dante

Mission Trip In August 2009

Date: The first or second week of August 2009
Location: Ding Jang Yang village in Kachin State
Our Host: Lishu Christian Churches 
The Purpose: The purpose of this trip is to equip more than 25 pastors and church leaders by teaching "HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE INDUCTIVELY" and "DEVELOPING SERVANT-LEADERS."  The teachings aim at providing principles to these pastors and leaders  so that they know how they can effectively study and teach the Bible book by book, chapter by chapter and verse by verse. The teachings will also look at those mistake or difficulties and hindrance and failure we , the leaders, face in the task of developing leaders for church planting.

The Team: The team will consist of Philip , director of AIM Today, ten of the Bible students. The students will have the chance of equipping themselves by immersing themselves into ministry.

Expenses: The trip expenses is estimated about 700 $.  But we are already content to go as a team as few as donation allows.

Love In Action: We will serve the elderly people by washing their cloths, blankets and help the people by cutting firewood and others physical helps we can do.