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"...for our people and for the cities of our God..." (2 Sam. 10:12)

Warm greetings and His blessings to you, visitors, in the name of our Lord Jesus, the soon coming King. We are VERY glad that you have come to visit us online to see what the Lord is doing in and through and with us. It is truly a blessing and honor that you are led to our website. Please do not hesitate to drop us a message if there is anything the Lord leads you to because we do love to hear from you.

To just help you to understand the other pages on this website, allow me to tell you a little story of how the ministry took place. All that you see on these pages are only ‘the fingers of God’.

Our Story

It was back in November  2002 that the birth of the ministry took place when Philip responded to God's call and entered into the ministry of the Gospel as a native missionary. The call was so clear that Philip could not help but responded to it by going straight ( for which he was sure, he was led by God) to Shan State, Myanmar where he began to work as a native missionary among the underprivileged and forgotten hill-tribe people groups, namely Lahu, who live in hilly villages. The Lord confirmed His call by establishing His church through the ministry of Philip in a village in 2003, better known as Bethel village and another church, Yangon Grace Bible Fellowship, was also established in October , 2006. This small house church, YGBF, has been sending out and supporting native missionaries . It also assists the work of  indigenous missionary or key leaders ( such as pastors, evangelists and missionaries) who are reaching others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and yes it is for this very reason that AIMTODAY was established.

Words from Philip

You know by the miracle of God's common grace of reproduction, there has never been anyone in the whole history of the world exactly like you and me, and there never will be again. We have only one life, and it is our own to spend. We spend only once. It is too short and it will count for nothing if we do not live our life as God, the creator, would have us live it. Just like Esther of old, if we are a Christian believer, we are here for such a time as this. We have a responsibility to be salt and light in the darkness. Just like John the Baptist of N.T, we need to be one walking on earth like a shining light in darkness leading those in darkness to the light of God's Kingdom through Jesus Christ.

I just ask and pray that you respond to this urgent call from God today and that you would begin to invest who you are and what you have in the lives of people for whom the Lord died, rose again and now intercedes. There is no greater investment than to invest who we are and what we have in the lives of people. Begin now that glorious task of investing your live while it is called today. 

If there is anything we can do, please do not hesitate to drop us a message. We are dedicated to be a link or a doorway for you to see and touch the lives of people in Myanmar for the glory of God.  Please do contact us for others and the following reasons:

                                                                     1.       Pastors & Missionaries Conference
                                                                     2.       Equipping young men and women for the work of ministry
                                                                     3.       Other type of conference

Sincerely in Christ,
Philip & Dante Lian

Our name has been changed from Advance Inland Missions Today into ACTIVE IN MISSIONS TODAY, MYANMAR.