Photos Report for SOW TODAY (Serving Orphans and Widows Today)
February 5-28, 2010 (Paletwa, Southern Chin State)


Below pictures were taken in August 10, 2009, Kachin State, when the team of AIMTODAY served elderly people by washing their clothes, cleaning the campus of the widows, breaking firewood and providing clothes to widows. There were total of 15 elderly people from three villages that received service from AIMTODAY.



Love Gift for 11 elderly people have been sent

In June 2009 we sent 18 $ to serve 6 widows in Luk Pe village, Mindat. Andrew, a native missionary of YGBF, carried those funds. Each widow will get 3 $. The amount is not much. But our heart is what matters to Him. It was the conviction on this principle "there is no small investment in the kingdom of God"  that we started this small project of serving elderly people.

In July 2009, I was able to send love gift of financial supports to 11 elderly people who live in Tili village in Chin State. I believe that this support, though very small in number, will speak to their hearts that there is someone who care for them. Yes, there is someone who always care for them and there ever will be!


How did it all begin?

Philip began to enter into the ministry field back in November 2002. The Lord built His church through him in February 2003. But in 2005 Philip's father died and Philip was not able to participate at the funeral service due to financial difficulties. It was a very upsetting period in Philip's life because he not only love his Dad, he wanted to provide some helps. It was none other than Philip's inability to financially support his father that upset Philip so much. However, it was at that very moment that the Lord spoke to Philip about what He wanted to do through the father's death. The Lord said, "serve the elderly people."

And yet, knowing his personal income, Philip was not sure how he can serve the elderly people . But when Philip married Dante, together they began to pray about how they should start serving the elderly people. And the Lord led them to send clothes , blankets and small amount of financial help to elderly people, widows and orphans in villages. Thus the birth of SOW NOW (Serve Orphans and Widows Now) took place. Today, SOW NOW sends supports to elderly people in far villages once in every three months. May all of this bring glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ is just our prayer and dedication.  No help is small in God's sight. Little is much when God is in it.

If you want to participate in this program, sending help to elderly people and orphans in remote area, get in touch with me today by email [email protected]

     Elderly people that we serve in Shan State

Philip had been fallen in love with elderly people. He said, "there is so much wisdom that we the younger must learn from elderly people." What the Lord has been doing, changes of attitudes to elderly people and those who participate in this program, through our little supports for these elderly people has brought so much joy.

    Elderly people that we serve in Chin State.

These elderly received support from AIMTODAY once in every three months. AIMTODAY sends support to Philip's mother and his mother would give the support to them as designated.  The results has been overwhellingly great.

We just pray that younger people would begin the step of LOVE IN ACTION toward elderly people.